Dooms day

I wrote this short piece to precisely express how I feel before every exam.

My life is falling apart as the dooms day comes closer

Now my mind is infected with a split personality

Sometimes it wakes 

Sometimes it races

Sometimes its as dormant as a coma patient;

which is most of the time.

The past

My purpose to write this piece was to relieve the stress I had been facing as a result of my exams, but it turned out to be directed at something completely different.

A burden on my heart,

A weight on my soul,

A ghost on my mind.

I can’t seem to escape the ghost 

I just seem to glide with it-

My mind fighting the ghost but my destiny gliding with it.

It becomes the toad of my life;

It opens a hollow in my heart for so long that my heart starves; 

My heart starves while I race with time.

The fantasy of escape becomes distant and slowly my mind is accustomed to it;

It no longer resists the ghost: 

It accepts it.


The ghost comes closer and closer:

So close that it penetrates my soul


My soul wants revenge.

Revenge for the pain inflicted on me!


The ghost chases my mind, 

My mind races the ghost

But it cannot do it any longer.

 It tries to obey

But it fails time and again

It fantasizes about its past,

It fantasizes about future,

But can’t seem to stay awake any longer

It comes to a halt.

It does nothing.

It seems to sleep. 

For the longest time. 

Helping my soul to heal in peace…