Feeling of confusion

to why there is distress? 

why there is sadness?

Feeling the world against you,

unhappy with everyone.

Suddenly you fall,

and you keep falling.

In that moment you are happy;

and you are free, 

from the shackles of heaviness,

from the weight of emotions;

that almost drowned you.

Soon the fall is over,

and the confusion is back

But now you are ready 

to start a new beginning…

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Written by: Ayesha Khosla

‘Sole Survivor’ by Derek Hansen- book review

A book review: Sole Survivor

This is a rather old book dating back to 1997. It was lying in my grandmother’s room for the longest time so I decided to give it a read.
I ascertained it to be a very moving novel about tenacity, survival, love and friction; though it was a bit overstretched towards the end.

The ‘Sole Survivor’ explores the dreadful and permanent damages endured by a war refugee, on the Burma Railway. Living as a retired, yet free man, on the Great Barrier Island, Red O’Hara tries to cope as best as he can after numerous psychiatrists failed to rid him of the horrific wartime memory. All of a sudden, Red O’Hara gets the news of a women named Rosie wanting live at the Great Barrier: a place not meant for “women”. He doesn’t apprehend it well, initially, but later they both fall in love and she helps him get through with his mental trauma.

Written by: Ayesha Khosla

‘The promise of India’ by Jaimini Bhagwati a review

‘The Promise of India’ book review

This book gives an insightful, behind the scenes view on the post independence evolution of India through the workings of various Prime Ministers. Being a part of both the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of finance, Jaimini Bhagwati provides an insiders lens on the role of India’s prime ministers in shaping India. According to Bhagwati, the prime ministers of India “have been responsible for uplifting and even soaring successes as well as depressing failures” after independence (1947).

From Nehru to Modi, ‘The Promise of India’, is a must read as it lifts the curtain, for the average citizens, to know about public policy that goes beyond the limited knowledge of the media.