Climbing from the fall

I climb and I fall,

in my mind, I fall.

But I have to climb

so I tell myself that I am

to keep me sane

that’s all i need

Suddenly life makes me fall!

it seems as natural as gravity

then it becomes harder to convince

my mind that I’m climbing

even though I’m falling

so i tell my mind that its alright to fall

but its like a stubborn child

it clings to the fall

which makes it harder to convince

so tell it stories

the stories that may be false

but its a start to a change

the stories become a blueprint

for reality to takeover


for happiness to flow

for me to spend less time convincing and more time doing

building something that will make the stories come true

maybe its right, maybe its wrong

it works for me that’s all i need.


Mind constantly shifting

From reality to another realm- 

the realm of imaginations.

A situation better than reality.

Something ideal  

It’s like a drug


It becomes an addiction

and it’s hard to snap out of.

But you have to

because it’s not reality.

Written by: Ayesha Khosla

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