Mind constantly shifting

From reality to another realm- 

the realm of imaginations.

A situation better than reality.

Something ideal  

It’s like a drug


It becomes an addiction

and it’s hard to snap out of.

But you have to

because it’s not reality.

Written by: Ayesha Khosla

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Feeling of confusion

to why there is distress? 

why there is sadness?

Feeling the world against you,

unhappy with everyone.

Suddenly you fall,

and you keep falling.

In that moment you are happy;

and you are free, 

from the shackles of heaviness,

from the weight of emotions;

that almost drowned you.

Soon the fall is over,

and the confusion is back

But now you are ready 

to start a new beginning…

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Written by: Ayesha Khosla

I walked

I didn’t sleep because I couldn’t

I didn’t work because I couldn’t 

So I just walked the whole day 

Because I could 

I walked

Music blasting loud in my ears

But I became as deaf as they get

Because I was lost Deep in my thoughts

Taking a break from life 

To enjoy my wild thoughts

It helped me relax

And rewrite history in the world of my thoughts

It made me tired

And Rendered me to sleep.

Written by: Ayesha Khosla