This poem precisely describes the kind of occasional nightmares I have.

A dreadful nightmare

Somewhere in the wilderness

Some barren land

Some land I’ve never seen

I see my sister

Then I see a women

Lying on the land

as dead as a corpse

with a man besides her

calling for help

I don’t know why but I’m inclined to help

I pick her up and take her 

I try to find help on this barren land

My sister striding along with me


 we are on top of a cliff

 with nothing but hollow death beneath


The dead corpse comes alive

The next thing I know my sister is dead!

I don’t know why 

she jumped of the cliff!

My heart bursts and I jump off too

but my dream is unkind 

so it brings me back.

to feel the pain

the pain I never had

It hurts so bad 

and it doesn’t stop

Till the painful shock grabs me out

out of this nightmare.

Image credits:

By: Ayesha Khosla